Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Download WebCam Monitor 5.24


Publisher: DeskShare Incorporated
License type: Shareware
Language available: fr
Publication Date: 02/08/06
File size: 5.48 MB (0:04 minutes in ADSL 128)

WebCam Monitor is a utility that combines with your webcam, to make a real motion detector. You can very well use the software to see what is happening at home and even at work.

WebCam Monitor starts recording when a noise or movement occurs. You can see everything that happens to you, anywhere, you just need to have Internet access. You can choose to be notified by mail with an image from the webcam has detected motion, create alerts as audio and video captures with the date and time, to streaming, choose a alarm goes off, or, set the SMS in case of intrusion.

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