Sunday, August 7, 2011

Install dual monitor on a PC


If you have enough space on your desk and you give importance to your visual comfort while you work, connect a second screen on your PC can be an economical solution. Indeed, an old monitor (in some cases, an old TV) will do nicely instead of buying a 21 inch rip off.

o avoid going from one window to another when you have several applications open and always keep an eye on the same document, the display on dual screen is the most appropriate way. By doubling the viewing area, it provides a much greater improvement in migrating to a larger monitor diagonally.

But such a facility is not available on all PCs. Indeed, the graphics card must have two VGA inputs, which is increasingly common in the two main manufacturers ATI and nVidia.

However, it is possible to add a second monitor to a laptop, it will always display the same image as its integrated display.

The procedure:
Start by identifying ways to connect. There are two types of sockets to connect a monitor, the VGA and DVI. You will find the first more often.

Your graphics card must provide two VGA connectors (photo) or a VGA and a DVI (DVI rarely two).

Once the connections are complete, restart your PC to be sure that your computer recognizes the new hardware.
Right click on the desktop and select its Properties.
Move to next tab Paramètres.Si you use an Nvidia card, you will be helped in your configuration by the wizard display.

Four settings are available: Single mode, using only one screen, Dual View, with instructors who are independent (two different applications are shown), the Extended mode, which offers a panoramic view stretching the image on both screens and Clone mode, which uses the same image on both monitors.

Nvidia drivers are most ergonomic, with simplified settings speak for themselves. The Ati socitété chose another organization. By default, the display is in Clone: The two screens show the same thing.

After you click on Advanced (Settings tab), a window with multiple tabs will appear.
Click on Overlay, how theater can dedicate one monitor to the video streaming. This is the equivalent of the Dual View mode. Indeed, the video memory is divided by the screen, simultaneous display of the same film can not be done on both monitors.

For an enlarged image spread over both screens, handling is more evident. On the Settings tab, click the screen 2 and select Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.

Warning: some programs do not allow dual display. This is particularly true of some games.


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