Thursday, August 18, 2011

M7 Monitor Arm


The advent of flat screens is changing the way we view our
work environment. However, one can enjoy the benefits
ergonomic and space saving offered by these screens when using a brassupport
flat screen.
Monitor Arm Humanscale M7 encourages and complements the new
approach to work freeing the space under and behind the monitor. On the other hand, the
adjustability in height and depth of the M7 allows the user to
comfortably position the monitor, correcting posture and minimizing
risks to the eyes, neck, back and shoulders.

usable space:
Office space optimization

Frees up space:
Flat screen monitors free space - M7 monitor arm to ensure that
this space can be used. The M7 will free space that is under and
behind the monitor.

Corrects posture:
The M7 is used to position the monitor height and depth appropriate to
the user's needs - thus helping to correct posture and to minimize the risk
eye, neck, back and shoulders.

easy adjustment:
The ability to adjust vertical pneumatic unique M7 allows to change the
monitor height so intuitive - the height, depth and angle of
monitor can be adjusted easily at your fingertips.

The vision control posture:
Appropriate depth, height
- Train a stretching of the neck

Suitable height, inadequate depth
- Damage the eyes, neck and back.

M7 Monitor Arm
positioned at a height and depth for
- To adopt a posture adapted and optimized space usable.



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