Friday, August 5, 2011

the monitor group


About 1000 consultants (World), 30 offices, CA 830M € (estimate). Monitor Group is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its presence in France is embryonic, the staffing is the European (which involves travel very frequently).

Monitor was founded in 1983 by six entrepreneurs associated with the Harvard Business School, where Mark Fuller (who just resigned from the CEO) and Michael Porter. This is one of the few consulting firms from the university.

Initially specializing in strategy consulting, Monitor has since decided to expand the services offered to its customers, for example by offering consulting organization, but also advising foreign governments on issues sometimes quite distant from traditional council (see the Syrian Youth project Calendar). In its early years, Monitor experienced very strong growth, opening an office on average per year.

Monitor is organized into three groups: the "Action Group" (which includes most of the consulting business, but also functional departments dedicated to marketing, organization, innovation, competitiveness of states, etc.). , Investment Banking and the "Intelligent Product Groups" (including Monitor Software, services and some databases).

Monitor Group is also distinguished by a highly developed culture of secrecy, including in-house.


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